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Data acquisition system under Linux

Data-acquisition system for a target multifragmentation experiment with large solid angle detectors,
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 425 (1999) 323-331

Performance of CAMAC data acquisition system under Linux,
Y.Tanaka, M.Haseno, Y.Nagasaka, M.Nomachi,
Presented at Xth IEEE Real Time Conference(RT97)
Proc. 10th IEEE Real Time Conf., 1997, p535

UNIDAQ for Linux (v2.3)

UNIDAQ is a UNIX based data-acquisition system initially designed for the portable testing system for the Solenoidal Detector Collaboration(SDC) at famous deceased SSC project. UNIDAQ is based on standard UNIX technology and not require any special modification under an operating system. Now it runs SUNOS, Solaris, Ultrix, OSF-1, SGI, HPUX and Linux.

Unidaq_v2.3_Linux.tgz (Upload:)

Slackware-3.1 (Kernel-2.0.0) CERNLIB-96a
Slackware-2.3 (Kernel-1.2.13) CERNLIB-94b

Why Linux? (Japanese Only)

Useful Linux Site (Japanese Only)

Documents for UNIDAQ UNIDAQ Home Page

UNIDAQ for another platform UNIDAQ_v2.3

CAMAC Device Driver for Linux

Model 2927-Z1A is a ISA interface card to 3922 CAMAC crate controller via K-BUS by KineticSystems. This driver has the same API as CAMLIB developed by KEK in Japan. Model 2915 is a PCI version.

Kinetic 2915(PCI) performance (Japanese Only)

K2927_drv0.9.tgz (Upload:)
K2927_drv1.0.tgz (Upload:)
K2927_drv1.1.tgz (Upload:)
K2915_driver page

Slackware-3.x (Kernel-2.x), Slackware-2.3 (Kernel-1.2.13)

v0.9 is a ioperm version where super user only accesses the driver. On the other hand all of the users access the driver under v1.0. The access speed under the v0.9 is 5 [usec] faster than that under v1.0.

CAMLIB and drivers under another OS


This Kit provides a development tool for Model 3976 CAMAC Auxiliary Crate Controller by KineticSystems. You can develop data acquisition software for Model 3976 using the same API as CAMLIB. It also provides a communication API to Model 3976 from the UNIDAQ.

ACC_UNIdaq.tgz (Upload:)
Now multi-carte version is available! acc_unidaq2.tgz (Upload:)

It requires the gcc Cross Compiler of 68030 target. You need to install the gcc before using this Kit. gcc_binutils

SunOS(4.1.3), Linux(2.x, 1.2.13), ULTRIX(4.2)

A Real-Time Data-Acquisition System with UNIX and CAMAC ACC, Y.Tanaka, M.Haseno, M.Nomachi, Presented at 2nd International Data Acquisition Workshop (DAQ96), RCNP, Osaka,(1996), NETWORKED DATA ACQUISITIONSYSTEM, World Scientific, Singapore, 1997, p.198.

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